Teaching Philosophy

What we offer and expect:

 BIGS-Chemistry offers an internationally competitive Graduate Program that is designed for outstanding students who are eager to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry while performing cutting-edge research. Intense hands-on training in experiment and theory combined with early-on individual research creates a stimulating academic setting where students can develop into independent, creative, and successful scientists in all fields of Chemistry.

 The Curriculum at BIGS-Chemistry entails a M.Sc. program and a subsequent Ph.D. program. Students can enter the Graduate School at both levels depending upon the level of their previous academic training. M.Sc. and Ph.D. students choose two supervisors from the Chemistry department’s faculty. While the research is conducted in the laboratories of the principal mentor, the dual mentorship principle serves to enhance the interdisciplinary character of the scientific education.

 Ph.D. students are closely embedded into their principal mentor’s research group and are devoted almost exclusively to their own research. In parallel, to sharpen their academic profile, they conduct a week-long lab internship in the co-supervisor’s research group, and they choose an optional pair of advanced method courses focusing for two days on a particular experimental and/or theoretical technique. In addition, the students are expected to regularly attend one of the many series of colloquia that are offered by the Chemistry department. Ph.D. students are further encouraged to present their research to a broader audience, e.g. on international conferences.


Since 2009: 13 graduate schools and workshops, 3 bilateral mini-symposia, 2 international conferences were organized.

Workshop EPR Spectroscopy in October 2015 in Bonn

Graduate Talks Chemistry@SpinCenters,  SFB Retreat in October 2015 in Trier

2nd Strasbourg-Bonn-Symposium “Spin Centers in Life and Materials Sciences” in July 2015 in Bonn

CRC813 Women in Science Initiative Topical Workshop “Spin Centers in Theory and Experiment“, May 2015, Eisenach

Summer School 2015 “Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules via Spin Centers” in April 2015 in Bad Honnef

International Symposium 2014 “Chemistry at Spin Centers II” in September 2014 in Bad Honnef

Graduate Workshop EPR-Spectroscopy in January 2014 in Bonn

Graduate Talks Chemistry@SpinCenters,  SFB Retreat in September 2013 in Trier

St Andrews-Bonn bilateral workshop “Chemistry at Spin Centers” in June 2013 in Bonn

1st Strasbourg-Bonn-Symposium “Spin Centers in Physics, Chemistry, and the Life Sciences” in June 2012 in Bonn

Winter School 2012 “Spin Centers by Electrochemistry” in February 2012 in Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal.

Workshop 2012 “Angular Overlap Modelling von fn-Systemen” in January 2012 in Bonn.

Summer School 2011 “Chemistry at Spin Centers – Spectroscopy, Reactivity, Applications” in September 2011, Bad Honnef

Workshop 2011 in March in Schleiden

International Symposium 2010 “Chemistry at Spin Centers” in September 2010 in Bad Honnef.

Winter School 2010 “Spin Centers by Electrochemistry” in February 2010 in Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal.

Workshop 2009 in November 2009 in Schleiden.

Summer School 2009 “Computational Chemistry and Spectroscopy” in September 2009 in Essen

111 scientific presentations by international expert researchers within the SFB 813 Colloquium

(since 2009, 16 talks per year)