Frequently asked questions


  • I missed the deadline for the application. Can I still apply again at a later point in time?
  • On the BIGS homepage it says that prior acceptance as PhD student is mandatory to apply for the BIGS. Is a supervision agreement sufficient or do I need the formal confirmation from the deanery?
    A letter of evaluation from your supervisor (group leader) is part of your application. This shows your membership in the working group. 
  • Is there any deadline for the annual meeting with the supervisor and the co-supervisor?
    The first annual meeting should take place before the end of May. 
  • Are there any formal requirements regarding the progress report?
    This item should be specified with the respective mentors in each case.
  • Do I have to submit the progress report to the officials of the BIGS?
  • Can I choose any group of the department for the lab course?
  • Do the Promotion plus (as opposed to Promotion plusBIGS) courses also count as ‘method course’?
  • I forgot to let my attendance of a lecture be confirmed by the organizer. Can my first supervisor also confirm my attendance?
    No. Please contact the organizer. 
  • When do I have to submit the program form for the summer/winter term?
    The forms for the summer term have to be submitted at the end of the summer term (September), and the ones for the winter term at the end of the winter term (March).
    The form “Courses and Meeting” has to be submitted at the end of your PhD studies or even earlier when completed.
  • Are public seminars organized by more than one working group also part of the official program even though they are not organized by the whole Institute?
    Those seminars can count as lectures if they are held by external speakers. 
  • Where can I download the ‘Ordnung der BIGS‘?
    Click here. 
  • I missed one or more duties in the prescribed period. What can I do?
    Please contact the BIGS Chemistry office.