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Toroid Cavity NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging

A toroid cavity detector is a unique, award-winning NMR resonator that facilitates a wide range of analytical applications in modern physical chemistry and chemical engineering.

Main Features:
  • spatial resolution on the micrometer scale
  • high-pressure, high-temperature capability

  • The Basics 
    • Here you'll find how the toroid cavity is adapted from a common toroid coil. 
  • High Pressures and High Temperatures
    • We conduct catalytic reactions under its actual industrial conditions. 
  • Supercritical Fluids
    • New synthetic pathways are developed with modern solvents. 
  • Rotating-Frame Microscopy
    • Formerly unknown spatial resolution of structures on the micrometer scale is achieved (even in solids). 

    Toroid Cavity Detector

  • Flow and Diffusion
    • Flow of viscous polymers and diffusion through membranes excite us more than diffusion coefficients of benzene or water. 

    K. Woelk, October 22, 1998